About Alexa Paiva's music

After years and years of coaching myself, I learned a good bit of information. But when I really excelled was when I started going to Vocal coaching. When I was young, I was indenial that Vocal coaching could do me any good. I denied the possibility that someone else could teach me more about my voice than I could teach myself. I went through competitions, and talent shows, and many different performances. Every time, I'd find myself hearing "you're amazing, you should really go into Vocal classes". Me being young, took offense to this, but after hearing it so many times, I figured I'd try it to prove that a Vocal Coach couldn't teach me anything. I went in with my head held high, confident I knew everything I needed to. My coach told me about how naturally gifted I was and I felt that was that. She then proceeded to nitpick at tiny little details I never even thought to pay attention to. Because of this, I was able to reach a complete next level in my Vocal ability. This showed me the true value of having a good coach by your side, the true transformation it can make. I want to do the same for others as she did for me. I want to not only transform voices, I want to transform confidence.